2017 Obamacare Open Enrollment is going to be scary!

2017 Obamacare Open Enrollment is going to be scary, but the good news is I have alternative solutions!

Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Scott & White, and United Healthcare are pulling out of the exchanges leaving Blue Cross and Blue Shield as the only major provider! Plans will be canceled and rates will skyrocket leaving individual policy holders in a real bind. The only two major players left off the exchange are Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Scott and White. Both are increasing their rates 50% or more for 2017.

Because of the crazy high cost and lack of options many of my clients are kicking Obamacare to the curb and opting for United Healthcare’s affordable Short Term Medical Plans.*

Here are the top seven benefits of the short term plans.

1. Provides up 360 days of coverage
2. United Healthcare’s Choice Plus Nationwide PPO network
3. 80/20 co-insurance with optional deductibles
4. Save 50% or more with the network pricing
5. Provides $1,000,000 of coverage
6. Add dental and vision to complete your coverage
7. Up to half the cost of Obamacare Plans

If a short term plan is not an option for you we have a new insurance provider in the austin area that is about 25% less than Blue Cross and Scott and White.

If a *Short term plans do NOT cover pre-existing conditions and not all individuals will qualify for a short term plan. Short term plans do not provided all the mandated benefits of the Affordable Care Act.