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Who We Are | Texas Trusted Advisors

Who We Are

Mother holding child Texas Trusted Advisors has become one of the the foremost providers of life insurance products and tax advantaged concepts with exclusive and proprietary “living benefits” included. Our principal goal is helping people protect their families’ and businesses most important assets in a manner that puts control of adapting to changing needs in their hands. Our relationships are based on the following core values:

  • Quality: We provide insurance products with a living benefits package included at no additional premium cost and with no additional underwriting.
  • Trust: We only use the products of companies with a proven track record of honoring their commitments. The companies we represent have industry high financial strength ratings.
  • Respect: We treat people the way we want to be treated. We believe in service during and after the sale, resulting in millions of dollars of life insurance with living benefits in force.

Sometimes we are surprised by what happens in life. One of the most important assets we have is our health and our ability to earn a living. If that ability is taken away, what would happen to us?

We are in the business of providing financial relief, even before death. One way to do this is through life insurance with living benefits. Most people think life insurance just pays out at death. However, that is not how our plans work. Our life insurance has “living benefits” that protect you for Terminal, Critical, Chronic illness, as well as death!

Watch a video of real people who have received living benefit claim payments.

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