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Tax-Free Retirement Strategies & Resources

Life is FULL of risk. Your retirement plans shouldn’t be! If you don’t have a plan in place, the time to begin strategizing for your golden years is NOW.

In 2012, just 14% of Americans claimed to be very confident they’ll be able to retire. Through our products – and informational resources – we will show you how to:

  • GROW the money you have earned with ZERO market risk…
  • Have access to your retirement $ completely TAX-FREE…
  • Leave an income-tax-free legacy to your heirs…

While everyone’s situation is completely unique, there are certain truths and actionable methods to safeguard and MAXIMIZE your income when you will need it most. Our staff of licensed professionals can provide tools that will GUARANTEE you will never outlive your money…and as a bonus, add a layer of protection from the financial disasters that stem from a critical or chronic illness.


SIMPLE! Seeds are very cheap…You would want (ideally) to pay the taxes due on the seed – and reap your ABUNDANT harvest tax-free!

The below example shows $345 per month saved for 35 years…three ways – all at the same rate of 7.9%:

The pre-tax plans accumulate a higher balance at retirement, as you can see with the $697,703 gross value in the third column vs. $605,698 for Roth and $512,307 for IUL.

In the end, however, all that really matters is what you get to spend! 

And assuming a combined tax rate of 30% the net after tax values in the fifth column show $38,585 for the pre-tax plans, $47,929 for the Roth and $55,363 for the IUL.  Tax planning is critical and deferring the tax break until retirement looks to be the new default “best” way to structure a retirement plan.

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